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internship experience now included!

About Me

Confident speaker, skilled writer, and passionate teacher: I love to solve challenging problems and to learn about almost anything. That much has been true all my life; I connected the dots to computer science careers only recently. Now I'm a UBC computer science student and can add "joyful programmer" to the list!

Those who know and work with me can vouch: I am known for avid learning, quality code, and peer support.

AVID LEARNING: You don't spend as much time in school as I have unless you really love discovering new knowledge. That's why, when I made the self-discovery to pivot my career path, I didn't hesitate to return to school to study computer science even after completing two degrees before. I love where I am; and this time—this degree—I love where I'm going, too.

QUALITY CODE: When I learn new skills I strive to learn them thoroughly and well with a keen eye to understanding best practice. That's why after taking my first computer science course at UBC, I was trusted enough to be appointed lead grader for all student code assessment in a course covering the same material the very next term.

PEER SUPPORT: Success is not zero sum, and I love to learn by teaching. That's why, after seeing classmates nervous about practicing code interview skills, I created and taught an original workshop to break down barriers. Oh No, Leetcode! was a huge success, drawing over double the in-person attendance anticipated by the department that hosted it.

I aspire to design, write and maintain code for innovative software projects that improve lives. Are you hiring for internships at a company that fits? I'd love to hear from you.


C#, Python, Java, Racket, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL

(learning) C, Kotlin

English, French

Larger Projects

Mini Projects